Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Found this nifty tip on the internet. You can blog directly using MS Word (Office 2007/2010 only) .

Just open Word, and select New --> Post.
If you are posting for the first time, then you will have to enter the credentials for the blog account (in my case, Blogger or blogspot.com).

Once you finish your post, click "Publish" and voila! Your post will be created!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

BBB zindabad!!

This is a post thanking the BBB (Better Business Bureau --> http://www.bbb.org/ ) for their help in getting an issue with an online merchant resolved for me. And hopefully it might help some other folks if needed in the future.

It all started in Sep 2010. I had ordered a few perfumes from FragranceX (http://www.fragrancex.com/) using my credit card online. The perfumes didn't come even after 3 months. So I wrote to them asking about the status.

Then started a series of "the package is in the mail" kind of replies. It was always the same story - "We have shipped the package, you should be getting it soon." Pretty soon I got frustrated and asked for a refund after 6 months had elapsed. But even for this request, I got the same replies - how much time is one expected to wait until a package comes from the US to India???

Then finally I thought about contacting BBB - USA. Basically BBB is an organization that holds businesses to a high standard, and only businesses with a high degree of integrity and trust make it to their list.

Snippet from their site:

BBB works closely with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies, providing them with valuable information on potential frauds. Many times we are the first organization to know about a developing scam and alert authorities and the public.

I opened a case with the BBB. It was assigned to the New York chapter as FragranceX is based nearby, in NJ. To cut a long story short, after BBB followed up with FragranceX, the money got refunded!

The main thing to note for me was that I am based in India. Yet BBB helped me get a refund from a company based in the US.

Thanks, BBB!! I wish there were more organizations like you!!

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Spare a thought for Gary Kirsten

The Indian cricket team is being lavishly praised, and rightly so!

But in the midst of all this, let's spare a thought for one man who has played a major role in us winning the World Cup - Gary Kirsten!

Gary came in after hurricane Chappel had left a trail of destruction in his wake. Many players had gone off-track in their careers - the most notable being Irfan. Others were low on confidence as "great" guru Chappel had messed up their minds.

Gary brought about a sense of calm to the team. He was the perfect coach for Indian conditions. He adjusted to our way of thinking, and went about his job systematically & sincerely.

He was always in the background, working hard at building team morale. He got in mental conditioning coaches to inspire the team at just the right moment.

At the same time he was very good at giving technical advice to those who were floundering; Gautam Gambhir being one of the most prominent ones to benefit.

Gary never said "I am the coach and whatever I say goes!". He always said "This is Dhoni's team". I don't think you would find a single Indian player who has bad things to say about him. And in our country, that counts for a lot :-).

Thank you, Gary. Hope you come back and take up this task again ...