Friday, August 20, 2010

Poem from the movie "Seher"

This is one of my favorite poems (Hindi). It is from the movie "Seher" (starring Arshad Warsi, 2005).
I don't know if this is from existing literature, or was written just for the movie. Either way, it is too good!

In the film, this is recited when a dear friend of one of the characters is killed.

Is kaali thandi aag ko
Wapas kar raha hoon main
Aur isi ke saath lauta raha hoon
Ye safed mitti
Ye gatiheen paani
Ye bairi hawa
Aur ye athaa aakash
Jo goonga hai

Yun to main jaanta hoon Ishwar
Ke Tum jaante the
Ke ek din main ye sab kooch
Isi tarah Tumhe wapas kar doonga ...

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Average Great Guy said...

its very nicely written. wonder who is the writer.