Monday, June 28, 2010

Movie Review: Kites

A little late to be writing this review, but who cares?

Some highlights of Kites - The Patangs:
1. There are places in the movie where 10-15 mins go by and nothing has really happened.

2. Mori is not beautiful. Most of our Indian film actresses are better looking than her. She has been chosen for other "qualities".

3. Hritik gets beat up/shot frequently. And you don't care.

4. You actually wish Kangana had a bigger part even if she is playing her standard "mentally disturbed person" role (Nana Patekar and Kangana don't have to act nowadays - they play themselves in all movies and get paid too).

5. The best part of the movie is when it gets over.

6. This is an "international standards" movie, but no person from any nation might like it.

7. They can save money and make many "MacroMan" ads by using sections of this movie.

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