Monday, March 29, 2010

Some things never change ...

I have broadband from BSNL. Last week I decided to upgrade the plan. In BSNL land, that means a trip to the nearest customer service center (changing your plan online is an alien concept here).

I prepared an application with all the required information (account number, telephone number, old plan name, new plan name, etc.). Reached the counter. The lady behind the counter studied my application and said "This is good. But unfortunately this is not in the right format".
Me: What is the format?
BSNL Lady: We have a separate form for this.
Me: I didn't find this form online on the BSNL site.
BSNL Lady: Hmm (gave me a look that said "Why did you expect to find it online?"

(Took the form, filled it) Here it is.
BSNL Lady: We need a copy of the last paid bill.
Me: I don't have it with me. Can you please issue me a duplicate bill from your computer so that I can attach it with the application?
BSNL Lady: Sorry, we need a xerox copy of the original bill, not a duplicate one.
Me: What if I had lost the original bill?
BSNL Lady: Hmm (gave me a look that said, "We have a separate 10-step process for that case").

I had to go back home, find my original bill, take a xerox, attach it to the application, and then re-submit. Lots of time, effort, energy wasted. Anybody worried about efficiency here?
And to think that BSNL has all of my bills on their computers!! They know that I have paid the last one! Why should paper be wasted in taking a photocopy of a bill that everyone knows is paid? Save the planet, anyone?

Often we get nostalgic about certain things in life  - mom's cooking, a particular place that we are fond of, friends, etc.
We wish that these should never change and stay exactly as they are. In my case, BSNL's behavior is NOT one of them!! :-)

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