Monday, July 06, 2009

Movie Review: Kambakkth Ishq

Short review: Utterly hopeless.

Long review:
1. No story.

2. Kareena tries to match/outdo Priyanka's "exposure" in Dostana. She is backed up by "Take Kareena, get me free" Amrita Arora.

3. Sleazy dialogues, toilet humor and scenes galore. Akshay Kumar breaking wind on a bride's face is one example. The fact that the bride was Amrita still does not justify it.

4. Talented actors like Boman Irani & Javed Jaffri totally wasted.

5. Lots of money spent and wasted on Sylvester Stallone & Denise Richards.
Without a story, even Hollywood superstars can't do anything.

6. Akshay Kumar's timing - comic or otherwise fails most of the time. The only good scene was his acceptance speech at the awards ceremony.

The movie is like a house where a tremendous amount of money has been spent
on the interior decoration, but while building it the foundation was left rotten. As expected, ultimately it collapses :-).

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