Monday, April 13, 2009

And the usability award goes to .... Microsoft Outlook Address book!!

Just thought of letting you know that Microsoft Outlook’s address book is the clear winner in the Usability awards section!!

Sample 1: --> If you want to remove a person from a list/group that you have created, then you have to double-click the list. Then the following UI shows up.


E.g. if I select “User 1” and then press the cross (X) or delete button, "User 1" should get deleted from the “List-Sample” list. Correct?

Wrong!! Guess what happens?

The list “List-Sample” itself gets deleted!! And that too without a confirmation dialog. So you have no way of knowing that you are about to delete a list. There is no Undo function here as well.

Sample 2: --> You can’t copy a list. You have to add the same members all over again in the new one.

Hats off to great innovation at Microsoft!! I guess the user group that they tested the address book with didn’t know any people and hence their address book must have been empty :-).

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