Sunday, December 14, 2008

Restaurant Review – Bagban (Camp), Pune

Review – Bagban (Camp)

Went to this one on Friday, Dec 12, 2008.

The restaurant is on East Street, Camp – in front of the old Victory theatre. The first thing one notices is that the menu is also written on the walls. So that kind of gives an indication that food is the primary focus of the hotel - not ambience, decor, etc.

The seats are very plain. The place is also small but clean. There is an upper AC section but we preferred to sit in the normal one downstairs as there was a nice breeze blowing.

We had a few vegetarians in our group. The number of items for them were very limited. They ordered paneer tikka and promptly declared it delicious.

On the other hand, we non-vegetarians were spoilt for choice. Reshmi kababs, mutton seekh kabab, pahadi kababs, etc. – no fish items though. Only chicken or mutton.

For the main course, we went for

Ø     Veg handi + Bakery Naan

Ø     Mutton kheema + pav

Ø     Tawa gosht

Ø     Mutton biryani


The non-veg items were simply delicious! And following the general rule that healthy is inversely proportional to taste, the preparation did not seem at all healthy. But at times like this, you don’t really care!

I would rate the mutton biryani the best of the lot (and that is saying something considering that all the items were very good).

The veggie party declared the handi decent. The Bakery naan is a special item – it is a bread in the shape of a small pizza. Something different from the usual stuff.

All the prices are very reasonable. The total bill came for less than Rs 200/- per head.


Ø     It is a great place if you love chicken and mutton dishes.

Ø     Value for money

Ø     Not recommended for vegetarians (too less variety)

Ø     If ambience matters a lot to you, then skip this one.

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hosi said...

If you have a group of say 20-25 people for home party, then you should order "Dum Bakra" from them... its simply awesome...
its a a fully baby goat dummed and stuffed with differnt kababs and biryani, the meat is very tender though...