Monday, May 26, 2008

How to download videos from YouTube (Firefox)

How to download videos from YouTube (Firefox)

Most of us watch videos at YouTube. If you want to download some of the ones you like, then here’s how.

Note: The downloading steps only work on Firefox. For other browsers, you will need to find out on your own.


1. Install the VideoDownloader extension from

2. Go to YouTube and pick the page of the video you want to download, e.g.

3. Click the VideoDownloader icon at the bottom right of the Firefox window (status bar). You should see something like this:

4. Click “Download”

5. The file name will be “get_video”. Rename it to e.g. music_video.flv. The .FLV extension is important.

6. Play the .FLV file using an FLV player. 2 free ones (Windows) are:


v (this one has a Mac version too)

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