Friday, June 01, 2007

[Original] Poetry in Symantec, India

Some poetry that I and a few other folks wrote in Symantec, India as part of an email thread.

Original Post: Anshuman Atre


Sorry for the group-wide spam,
I wouldn't have, but for my current jam!

I need someone to please free,
This particular static IP..

It goes
And believe me, its not at all free!

All my work has got cut shorted,
And my downloads; they've aborted!

So whoever's using it, kindly see,
Don't "borrow" the IP that's been assigned to me!


Follow Up 1: Udipta Das
Twas my lappy
Who sent ur IP swappy.
And 'coz my lappy
Just *uses* DHCP ....

Why IS&T dear
Has set your IP free?
I know not, but I fear
IS&T should hear some poetry

- U Das

Follow Up 2: Hetal Rach
Can't resist the temptation to re-send the response that I'd sent to
Anshuman in September 2006 :-)

I checked my IP Address today, for a change
And also to figure out what was the DHCP range.. address is what I got
And it comes to me via the DHCP lot

When you use address as static one
Are you sure that it is yours and can be claimed by none ?


Follow Up 3: Me (Amit Shirodkar)
On Anshuman's travails I have to comment
Because things are not going well for him like he meant

All he tried to do was a Siebel download
But in return he got troubles by the truckload

After starting the download in the night
He came in next day all cheerful and bright

What he saw shook him to the core
He looked at the screen aghast
All his data was torn as if by a blast
"Oh no - my Siebel!!" he cried, "My Sap!!"
All ripped asunder by a mighty zap
He thought he heard a voice say
"You will see your data nevermore!!"

"Where is my data???" he roared
"In which deep dungeon is it stored???"

His productivity is not at all well
His feelings about the IT folks will land him in jail
He says aloud "What can I do, please do tell"
"Abort, Retry, Ignore or Fail???"

-- Amit Shirodkar

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