Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Adding Flickr gadget to Blogger

If you have both Flickr and Blogger accounts, then this might be useful for you..

You can add a small preview of your Flickr photos on your Blogger site. You can choose the layout, how many snaps to preview, etc. Just follow the link below for instructions ...

Link: Bill's Blog: Adding Flickr gadget to Blogger

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Gunmaster G-9!!

For those who don’t know, the great Mithunda played a James Bond-like character called “GunMaster G-9” in 2 movies (Suraksha followed by Wardat).

Here are a few fantastic scenes depicting the one and only Mithunda as Gunmaster G-9!!

  1. World-famous Kung-Fu (Suraksha):

Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan are nothing compared to the fists of fury of Mithunda!! Watch him execute some superb moves with his special battle cry (Aaaayeeeee!!)

Also check out the ferocious man-eating fish in the end – awesome!!


  1. Asli Bengal Tiger (Wardat):

Who is the real Bengal Tiger? Mithunda – Koi Shaq??

If a tiger can jump fast, Mithunda can jump faster!! There is no one who can match his speed and talent!! Watch him fight with a tiger (and give him a dental checkup at the same time)!!

This scene has other gems like a woman throwing knives gently at people and yet managing to kill them, unique time bomb (melting candles can kill you!!), etc. etc.


  1. Theme song (Suraksha):

Bond-like theme song sung by another great – Bappi Lahiri!! “Mausam hai gaane ka …

Since India is cheaper than the west, we seem to have gotten a lot of Bond girls (buy 1 get 4 free)!! See them dance around Mithunda like a merry go-round and also get stuffed into a car or boat. Also there is a lady in red who dances like she has been possessed!!

Plus a spectacular save of a child and some funky special effects in red/green background….